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Umzugshelfer berlin
Welcome to our website! http://www.umzugshelfer-berlin.cabanova.de/ We are a group of students looking for work. We work carefully, always come on time. Short-term appointments can be arranged. After the telephone conversation, you will receive a confirmation email. Our tasks include for example: Moving Loading and unloading of trucks or vans (from 6:30 am to 11:00 pm) Assembling and disassembling of furniture Installing lamps, curtains,washing machine Painting your appartment. We also drive to all destination and not only in Berlin at unbeatable prices The cargo volume is approximately 18 cubic meters. The length of the cargo area is 4.60 meters, fully equipped with 20 blankets, ratchet straps, Risers, tool's box, hand, mattress cover, a few carton boxes, are always on board. We have lots of experience and have received numerous responses. Click here to read about 40 feedbacks . Our photos speak for themselves! We can be reached at 0177 70 750 22 or o 3 o -99 oo 5803 Please do not call after 22 clock! If you prefer to contact you by email, please use this direct contact form . In any case, you will receive an individual (not Automatic) answer within an hour! Our prices can be found here .
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